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Not every challenge fits neatly into a simple box. Araxid uses a tool kit methodology with our products, our private cloud-based integration platform, and our integration partners to significantly improve the big data challenges that require insanely accurate data disambiguation, analysis, and exchange.
Today’s marketplace requires trusted collaboration coupled with dynamic and responsive analysis of disparate data sources that reacts to rapid change. Araxid has a relentless pursuit of accuracy to constantly improve predictive analytics, more rapid “time to decision”, and enable real-time action and response.

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Araxid is about integrity first. We can only make our data more accurate if we trust our team to do the right thing. We are unique and innovative in our approach to the market, we seek to find similarly minded team members globally…contact us if you think you are ideal for Araxid.

  • Brent Williams CEO & CTO

    Identity & big data visionary with repeated success in entrepreneurial ventures & large enterprises. Trained as a retentive nuclear submariner. Experience includes The White House, international telecom, professional services, software, and commercial data providers.

  • Jim Mclean President

    Proven operational leader focused on mission accomplishment. Trained as a special operations expert. Experience includes working in complex international environments, introducing innovative business and technical processes, and complex data analytics with predictive analysis.

  • Ron Carpinella Marketing

    A seasoned technology executive with significant experience in identity management & enterprise strategy. A trained aviator & public affairs specialist, he has experience with entrepreneurial adventures that hit it big and big companies that got bigger under his watch.

  • Dana Pittman People

    Multi-threaded people-person who knows how to find, keep, improve, and provide for the best talent in business. Trained in political science. Experience across records & talent management in companies that experience consistent growth & require continuous tweaking to get it right.

  • Rel Ambrozy Legal

    Entrepreneur and counsel with focus in healthcare and intellectual property. Trained as an engineer and a lawyer, he clearly liked the hard course load.
    Experience at large law firms, small start-ups, healthcare, cyber-security, and transnational privacy.

  • Greg Keeley Strategy

    A forward-thinking influencer in national security, government and the military for the US and Australia. Experience includes Congress, Parliament, private equity, and service in both navies. He is a Visiting Fellow at the National Cyber Institute.

  • Rod Hackman Corporate Development

    Proven Wall Street Investment Banker. Trained in sea-based transportation and kinetic application of force powered by neutrons. Experience across all aspects of corporate finance, venture, private equity, and M&A with board positions in several companies.

  • Board of Directors

    • Brent Williams
    • Jim Mclean
    • Earl DeVaney
    • Neil Romano
    • Rod Hackman

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Araxid is based in the United States with global support locations. Our headquarters is located in McLean, Virginia. If you have an interest in our solutions or becoming a partner, please feel free to contact us.

US Headquarters

  • Address: 6862 Elm Street, Suite #460, McLean, VA 22101 USA
  • Phone: +1 703-650-5155