Rethink the way you manage and match identities.

Araxid has changed the game when it comes to managing and matching identity data within and across the enterprise.

Using our unique and secure SaaS-based truth-matching platform, customers can align, link and correct identity records with greater accuracy than ever before. We deliver sub-second performance and can securely handle hundreds of millions of transactions to support the largest organizations, both public and private. Powered by CARBON™, which can access over one billion commercially available identity records, our products can clean, update and inter-link your customer, patient or employee records within and across systems.

Since it’s SaaS-based, Araxid delivers quick time-to-value (weeks, not months or years) and a lower total cost of ownership than any of the on-premises solutions being used today.

Better identity resolution from Araxid reduces business inefficiencies, increases customer satisfaction, inhibits fraud, and radically reduces the cost of manual intervention.

This is all possible. Check out our products and learn how to make it a reality.

Araxid Products


Araxid is about integrity first. Our leadership team has decades of collective experience in national security, big data, and analytics, and has a successful track record of delivering cutting edge solutions for the Fortune 500, leading healthcare organizations, and public sector enterprises.

  • Mark LaRow CEO

    Mark is the Araxid Chief Executive Officer. He was formerly at MicroStrategy, a BI software provider, for 14 years where he was the Executive Vice President of Products, responsible for product strategy, product marketing, and competitive intelligence. Prior to MicroStrategy, Mark was with Ernst & Young for 17 years and left as Partner responsible for all technical consulting in the east region of the US. Mark holds MS and BS degrees from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. Outside the office, Mark enjoys woodworking and is an avid soccer fan, supporting FC Barcelona.

  • J. Brent Williams Founder & CTO

    Brent is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Araxid. He has extensive experience in the identity integrity business including both entrepreneurial and executive leadership positions in the credit reporting arena, identity authentication and proofing, telecommunications, and a nuclear submarine officer in the US Navy. Brent is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and has a graduate engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University. Besides being a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan, Brent spends a lot of his time outside of work volunteering for community activities and school events with his family.

  • Grace Koh CMO

    Grace serves as Araxid’s Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to Araxid, Grace was a founder and VP of Marketing at CadenceQuest, a customer analytics software company, acquired by Accenture in 2010. At Accenture, she advised global product companies on customer data strategy, analytics, business process re-engineering and change management. Grace graduated from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. If not for Araxid, Grace would own and operate a café and make frequent trips to her favorite vacation spot, Tulum, Mexico.

  • Jim McLean VP of Credit Information Solutions

    Jim serves as the Araxid Vice President of Credit Information Solutions. His thirty-year work history extends across a broad array of domains including big data analytics, homeland and national security, full spectrum Special Operations, intelligence analysis, intelligence operations, Counterterrorism, and Antiterrorism operations. He has an MBA from Touro University and a BADM from Campbell University. If it weren’t for Araxid, he’d be chilling on the beach listening to his favorite Rolling Stones albums.

  • Rel Ambrozy VP of Health Information Solutions

    Rel is Vice President of Health Information Solutions, and is responsible for tailoring Araxid solutions to meet the healthcare needs of our clients. Rel’s formal and hands-on education in both biomedical engineering and intellectual property law, gained through with his work in both health technology companies and large law firms, allows him to craft solutions for both the short and long term needs of Araxid’s clients. Rel is actively involved in local charities, and coaches several of his children’s teams. On extended vacations, you can find Rel captaining a dive boat in the Caribbean.

  • Luis Orozco VP of Engineering

    Luis is Vice President of Engineering, responsible for implementing Araxid’s product roadmap across Development and Operations. He has 20 years of experience leading teams in the development of commercial enterprise software, with emphasis on highly scalable, Big Data, SaaS offerings and graduated from Monterrey’s Institute of Technology (ITESM) with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. An avid runner outside the office, he regularly participates in short and mid distance races.

  • Isaac He VP of Finance

    Isaac is Vice President of Finance, responsible for Araxid’s ongoing financial operations, strategic financing, and corporate development activities. Isaac was previously an investment professional at Columbia Capital focused on early-stage communications, media, and technology startups, and also has experience on Wall Street in M&A and financing advisory for media and telecommunications companies. Isaac graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in Economics. A self-proclaimed foodie, Isaac wants to produce and film a documentary about the curious late-night snacking habits of young urban professionals.


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Araxid is based in the United States with global support locations. Our headquarters is located in McLean, Virginia. If you have an interest in our solutions or becoming a partner, please feel free to contact us.

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About Araxid

Araxid offers innovative, SaaS products for identity verification, matching, and resolution through sophisticated algorithms that access over one billion commercially available identity records. Araxid products validate and correct identity records and link duplicate identities within and across enterprises in real-time. The proven platform scales to hundreds of millions of transactions to enable large private and public-sector enterprises to streamline business processes and prevent fraud and waste with cross-industry security and privacy compliance. Araxid technology is more accurate, faster to implement, and less expensive than traditional matching methods. Araxid is based in McLean, VA.

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